Start monitoring your domains.
Know when to act.

We monitor your https://domains
and let you know when it all goes to shite.

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Keep your site up and available

We keep tabs on your certificates
and TLS configurations so you cannot forget.

Know when something changes
We will let you know if a certificate changes, (almost) expires or is revoked but still active.

Be notified quickly
Our bots crawl your https://domains every 5 minutes for the most important issues, so you are notified almost instantly in case something got misconfigured or failed.

Insights in your security seals
We make sure your TLS configuration is correct and your certificates are valid and trusted by all browsers. Get reports from the Qualys SSL Server Test and the score from right on your dashboard.

On all levels
DNS is never the issue... except when it is! We monitor your DNSSEC & DANE configuration. Running on multiple IP's? We test 'em all, so you know if IPv6 is not working but IPv4 is fine.

Notifications to all the important places
We support notifying about changes through e-mail, Telegram, Slack, Discord, Pushover and many more to come. Setup channels to route different notification types to the right places. For example: notify about certificate changes in Slack, but sent expiry notifications to your e-mail.

Monitor and browse the certificate transparency logs
You can browse the certificate transparency logs, giving you insights in what certificates are issued for any domain or by any CA. You can even add monitors for a heads up if a certificate is maliciously issued for your domain, allowing you to catch it quickly.

Monitor from any device
A modern and responsive web interface allowing you to quickly see what's up from your tablet or smartphone.

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